B1 Search


B1 Search is an addition to the already great search tool in SAP Business One (Normal search and Drag & Relate). B1 Search covers the gap that is cross reference search between data types in a way similar as Google Index search or Windows Index Search.

B1 Search: Daily Use

Once the B1 Search module is activated in the B1UP Configuration, the B1 Search Tool appears just below the SAPMain menu.


In the B1 Search Toolbox, you simply enter the data you wish to search for and press the Search button (or the Enter key). This opens up the B1 Search Result window.

The search field

  • The result window also have a search field that allow you to see what you searched for last and where you can launch another search without going back to the search toolbar.

The quick-options where you choose the search for own and closed data

  • If "only my data" is checked you will only search for the data created by your user (Please note that this is not the same as being Sales employee on a BP, Document etc.)
  • If "Also closed data" is checked the search result will include closed marketing documents, ended activities ansd so on.

The result in which you can see the last result of the searched grouped by data type

  • All data is in some way related to the searced keyword. It could be that a Business Patner is found because the search keyword was the name of one of its Contact persons and so on
  • To keep performance we have set an upper limit of 100 search results per data type, so if you didn't found what you were looking please make your search more specific
  • All search results have an orange arrow that will take you to the specific piece of data. Alternative you can right click on the result to get additional options




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